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Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Equis-O eventos has organized many weddings, all unique, fun and magical. It is easy to say, but magic really seeps in when you let things flow. A good wedding requires careful planning and once the festivities begin, you need elegant and sound improvisation to fill in the gaps of “reality”. Having someone next to you throughout the wedding, foreseeing what comes next and helping you decide the rhythm and timing of each moment, is an important reason to have a Wedding Planner.

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This special celebration has become more elaborate and complex as couples tend to marry at an older age and both partners usually work. Nowadays the lack of time and often a long money-saving period for this special occasion means that weddings require more care and attention to detail, to get good deals and make good decisions on how best to make your money “shine”.


We have observed that both bride and groom like to get involved in the organization of their celebration, so the Wedding Planner´s main task is to match both partners´ tastes, personalities and styles, in this their first joint venture. So careful planning of this memorable celebration has become a specialty, requiring good taste, creativity and good working relationships with suppliers and vendors.

From simple to sophisticated, we can offer as many solutions as needed to match your fantasies and dreams.

wedding oaxaca

Equis-O Eventos has worked with many artists living in Oaxaca, who have created banners, murals, centerpieces, lanterns and different objects to meet our wedding´s character and creative requirements. Weddings are true family gatherings, normally lasting 2 to 3 days in Oaxaca.

Day 1: Watching the sunset in Monte Albán and/or cocktails in one of our exclusive locations.
Day 2: Religious, civil or shamanic ceremony and banquet.
Day 3: “Tornafiesta” or brunch in outdoor space.

News! Watch a selection of 4 great videos
from recent weddings we organised in Oaxaca

Some of the services we offer:

  • weddings oaxacaGuests: design, printing and delivery of invitations, assistance confirmation, table seating.
  • Table setting: classic, contemporary, traditional or a mixture of all.
  • Banquet: food tastings, hiring and supervision of catering services and logistics support.
  • Venues: we have a long list of gardens, banquet rooms, private villas, colonial patios and churches.
  • Waiters: hiring and supervision of waiters and loaders.
  • Decoration: design, set-up and supervision of all locations, flower carpet (see photo).
  • Bar: set-up, acquisition and control of alcoholic beverages, barmen.
  • Music: good selection of Salsa Bands, Traditional brass Bands, Mariachis, Tríos, Marimba, Jazz, Classical musicians for the ceremony or the dinner, DJ´s.
  • Special gifts: handrafted goodies, the best selection of oaxacan products.
  • Wedding program and Mini-guide of Oaxaca.
  • Video and photographic services to preserve the true memory of your wedding.

Equis-O offers unique celebrations such as Shamanic Weddings, Gay Weddings and the Calenda, a street- procession guided by huge puppets representing the bride and groom.

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Shamanic Wedding on top of a pyramid


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