Custom Tours / Tailor-made Tours of Oaxaca

monte albanIf you want to go straight to the heart of Oaxaca,
Equis-O Eventos can show you the way. We plan your time while in town so that you make the most out of it, allowing you to enjoy the local festivities and celebrations, the best shops and restaurants, the houses and workshops of artists and artisans, the villages, archeological sites (Monte Alban, see photo) and the traditional markets.

We have excellent professional bilingual guides, vehicles with or without chauffeur, good rates in hotels and a wide range of people and friends who can introduce you to the places and themes that interest you the most.

rocksAs your destination partner we prepare the program of your custom-designed trip down to the final details.

Take advantage of our knowledge on distances, weather, local timetables, costs and tips on the best places to eat and many more secrets we'd love to share.

Equis-O also organizes special activities outside Oaxaca City, eco-tourism, tours to villages on market days and other traditional activities such as the "Temazcal"; an indigenous sauna/steam bath.

TOURISM AND ADVENTURE: tandem paragliding, cycling, hiking, camping, horse riding, caving, rappel and rock climbing.

GASTRONOMIC TOURS: half day or full day cooking classes, visit to the “palenques” where they produce the mezcal, tour to Tehuantepec visiting families who share their best dishes, local gastronomic fairs.

tapeteHANDICRAFTS: learn about folk art that has emerged from the slow intrusion of European ideas into the indigenous character. Visit the artisans in their workshops. Hand-woven woolen rugs in Teotitlán del Valle, black pottery in Coyotepec, red and green pottery in Atzompa, tin and jewelry in Oaxaca, wood-carvings (Alebrijes) in Tilcajete.

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