Celebrations: Events in the Villages, Thematic Fiestas and Gala Dinners

Events in the Villages
Equis-O Eventos is conscious of the huge cultural barriers that exist between the villages, mostly indigenous, and the cities where most of the population is familiar with standardized services to meet modern western tastes. In order to offer our clients an authentic presence in the villages of Oaxaca, we have developed a complex network of friends and partners who allow us to recreate the ambience of the local festivities, in privileged locations and with the real taste of local food.

celebrationsEquis-O Eventos has managed to unite families, mainly women, so that they divide among them the different tasks such as preparing the food, serving the food, preparing the decorations and cleaning up after the feast. This strategic success, thanks to many personal connections, as well as 15 years of experience working in social and cultural programs, allows us to offer private events with the same festive, joyful and abundant feeling as the local popular celebrations. A typical meal is composed of: different entrees, a soup, a main course (mole is a favorite but there are many other delicious dishes), tortillas, beans and rice, as well as local sweets. Oaxaca is also known for its wide variety of vegetarian dishes, which can be perfect for certain palates.

Equis-O Eventos reserves several days to go shopping: we go with the cooks to buy the ingredients in the local market to assure freshness and quality, we rent all the services locally. Tables and chairs are rented in the village or as close by as possible, the local band of musicians is hired and sometimes we can put together a Guelaguetza folk dance (see photo) to show our guests the dances and music of the different regions of Oaxaca.

Some of the villages where we can have such festivities are: Tlacochahuaya, Teotitlán del Valle, Huayapan, Huitzo and Zautla, but we can search for connections in other villages upon request.

Thematic Fiestas and Gala Dinners
Equis-O Eventos can organize exclusive events such as a Calenda (a street parade with giant puppetts representing the bride and groom, with brass band and hand-made fireworks) or a Guelaguetza (a selection of traditional folk dances from the different regions of Oaxaca).


Socially Responsible Company
tortillasBesides the unforgettable memories of such celebrations, we know that these types of iniciatives contribute to the local economy by spending the money directly in the villages and giving an income to women who are often single mothers as the lack of work has forced the men to migrate. During the organization process we involve many people, and with each one we develop a detailed program with date-lines, costs, quantities and characteristics, both by word of mouth and written down on paper.

floresWe visit the village several times before the event to make sure everything is running smoothly and to make the necessary adjustments along the way. The secret is to be in constant communication and to make sure each person understands their role.

We have been very satisified with the success of these village celebrations where not only new friendships have arisen but where the mythical side of “Mexico Profundo” is available to all.

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